About Us

Bryans Brothers Headwear and Accessories is an innovative lifestyle company Managed by Bryans Brothers Holding (BBH) out of Toronto Canada. We exist out of necessity and since we care about the future of the Luxury Headwear Industry we know our contribution is very important. Sean Bryan (CEO, FOUNDER & Creative Director) is the brain behind this Premium Brand that focuses on expression and individuality in these forever changing trends of today. We speaks for the culture and to the culture. Our products give extra flavor to the diverse styles we all have and we aspire to create mass appeal globally through our bold message (Be Real Be Respected).
Sean's vision and inspiration to build this company came from his fascination of the fashion industry and a genuine love for hats that himself, his cousin Lennon Bryan and his younger brother Kobe Bryan share, who he named after the legendary NBA player. In spite of the fact that they grew up in two different eras and with a sixteen year age gap, the Brothers were raised by a single mother who taught them the same core values of keeping it Real, Working Hard and Respect should be given and earned. 
Our passion for expression through fashion will continue to influence and catapult this evolving company and motivate us to design world-class products people will Love and Respect. 
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